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Real Online Work from Home Jobs for 🇮🇳 Indians.

Find thousands of American, Australian, Canadian, UK companies who are looking to hire Indians for online full-time/part-time jobs.

Who's Talent Acquira For?

Talent Acquira is for every Indian who wants to help their families financially, and pull them out of the struggle.

Jobs for Students

Have a few free hours after college? Get an online job and earn a monthly income. Use it to pay your college fee or to support your family.

Jobs for Housewives

Women who used to work, but forced to stop due to marriage. Now you can resume your professional career and earn money online.

Jobs for Unemployed Youth

You know you are qualified enough to do a job, but not able to find one with Indian companies? Now you can get an online job with us.

What Skills Do You Need?

If you have ANY ONE of these skills, you can get an online job.

Customer Support

Project Management

Virtual Assistants

Social Media Management

Data Entry Specialist

Team Leading

Excel Expert

Sales Representative

Web Designing
Graphic Designing

Web Development

Content Writing
Digital Marketing


Lead Generation

Office and Admin
2D and 3D Animation


Recruitment Assistance

Google/Facebook Ads

Affiliate Marketing

Backlinks Building

Software Development
Mobile Development
Professional Services

Bookkeeping /Accounting

more coming soon…

How to Apply?

Watch the video below to learn how to create your profile and apply for jobs.


₹999 FREE*

One-time Profile Verification Fee | Inclusive of All Taxes.

*Limited time offer

Why Talent Acquira?

No more worrying about relocating or going to an office every day, all jobs on our platform are 100% work-from-home, and computer based.

And these jobs are almost always full-time or part-time, so you can earn a stable monthly income. No commission based jobs are allowed on our platform.

We do not take a commission on the salary you earn, it’s 100% yours to keep.

We verify every job posting before it is available for you to apply. All the jobs are 100% safe to apply and invest your time on.

We guarantee you’ll get paid for the time and effort you put into these jobs.

Work with clients and companies from USA, UK, Australia and Canada.

Get the exposure that you need to grow your career to the next level.

Earn a consistent salary every month and support your family.

Get out of any debt, financial troubles and struggles with Talent Acquira.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you might be having a lot of questions, here’re a few with answers.

To get an online job, you need to sign up for a Talent Acquira account. Create your resume, provide as much information that you can; the more information, the more chances you have of getting hired.

Once your profile is ready, you can apply for jobs , which is more preferable, or wait for employers to contact you.

At Talent Acquira, employers pay their candidates (you) directly, and not through our platform. We don’t take a percentage of salary payments as a fee. So, how you get paid is decided between employer and you.


There are many ways to get paid. You can even receive your money at home depending on what service you use.

Here are some websites where your employer can send money online.


It really depends on what you and your employer have agreed upon. Normally you will get paid either every 2 weeks or once a month. However, we do recommend that candidates ask to be paid weekly when they are first hired to limit their risk of working with a new employer.

Well…you probably won’t, until you try it. We’ve helped thousands of Indians get jobs with Foreign companies, and helped them work from home. 


We verify every job that goes online on our platform, making sure they are legit and safe to work.

Most employers want to hire someone to help their businesses grow. They want long-term, reliable candidates to add to their team.


Unless an employer wants a quick task done, most of the jobs are standard long-term part-time or full-time jobs.

NO, this is not a “business opportunity.” This is not a “work from home” scam or a “typing for money” thing.


You will not be paid on commission.


You will not have to pay anything to get a job.


You will not be paid “based on performance” or anything like that.


This will be a real job where you will get paid a set amount of money each month, for doing full-time work on someone else’s business.

YES! There will be thousands of employers on the platform, looking to hire people of all skill levels. 


If you have good English, a working computer, a good Internet connection and skills to do the work, you’ll be hired.


As long as you’re over 18, and legally allowed to work, it’s not a problem. 


Age isn’t a factor.

Well, no, but great English will be an edge. Most employers on the site are from the United States, United Kingdom, or Australia, Canada (among others). 


Remember that communication will be done through English so if you’re having a difficult time understanding or expressing yourself, it may be a little bit more difficult for you.

YES! In fact, you’ll be required to work online. You will not be leaving India to go work abroad (we do not allow job posts that require moving). You will be working from your home (or possibly from an internet cafe) doing online tasks for foreign companies.

Most of the work will involve doing internet-based tasks.

We are here to help both candidates and employers resolve salary disputes. We act as mediators in these disagreements and listen to both sides of the story, negotiating a solution where both parties can be accommodated. Nearly all disputes happen when an employer is very unsatisfied with the work done by a candidate. 


Bottom Line: If you do good work, you get paid.


We want Talent Acquira to be the safest workplace possible. In the unlikely case where an employer refuses to pay for work done, we will remove the employer from our platform. We will also send what the employer paid us to post their job on the platform, to the candidate.


Always make sure you get paid weekly or every 2 weeks during the first few months of working with a new employer. If you think you’re being cheated, be quick to contact us at support@talentacquira.com and we’ll help resolve the issue.

It completely depends on your job and on your employer.

Common tasks include writing articles, blogs, forum posts, and other content. You might be updating websites or blogs. You might be doing some link building. Maybe programming (if that’s a skill you have). 


You might be doing customer support through email or chat. Maybe you’ll be designing web pages or building web sites. Doing research and gathering data is a common task.


The tasks vary widely. We promise you’ll be matched up with a company looking for your skill set. You’ll also likely be asked to learn new things and to grow!

Once you create an account and submit your resume, it’ll be sent to our verification team.


We then cross-check your information, call you on the phone number you provide for additional verification and only verify your profile, if all the information you provide is 100% correct.

We have real people who manually check the profiles, and we try very hard to ensure that all information posted on the platform is true. However, there are instances where this is discovered late. Once you get caught, you may risk being banned from Talent Acquira, so make sure that all information in your profile is honest.


Even if you won’t get caught (which is unlikely), you might get a job with an employer who will be disappointed in your work because you didn’t have the skills that you put on your profile. The employer isn’t likely to want to pay for the work which has (or hasn’t) been done.

This depends on you. You can wait for an employer to hire you, which could take longer. The fastest way to get hired is to apply for multiple jobs that you are qualified for, and immediately reply when there are inquiries. Limit your application to jobs that are good matches for your skills and experience. This is so you don’t waste time applying for a position that you have little to no chance of getting.


It also helps to apply for several types of jobs. Consider the core skills you have and think about how these can be used in several other, albeit slightly different, jobs.

No. You can just be a graduate of a technical course, or a high school graduate or even a student, who has accumulated enough skills to work online.

All that matters are 3 things: Your English language skills, a good computer and a stable internet connection, enough skills to do the job.

Yes, there will be job interviews. It may be in the form of e-mail, skype call or video call depending on your employer.


Always try to present yourself better, confident and knowledgeable. This will help you get hired faster.

No, but it will increase your chances of getting hired. The more tests you take, the easier it is for you to prove that you are highly skilled.

For the employers, it will be an easy decision to hire you quickly, if you do an exceptional job during the test.

There will be both paid and free tests, and it’s 100% your choice to decide what kind of test to take.

Yes, even Indians based outside India may apply but they must agree to be paid in Indian Rupees (INR) and the salaries will be based on Indian salaries.

Talent Acquira specializes in offering quality candidates from the India. Employers that come to our platform know that this is the best place to find Indian jobseekers. Therefore, we only allow Indian nationals/citizens to use the site as jobseekers. We don’t allow workers from other countries such as Philippines, Africa, Europe, other Asian countries, etc.

Can’t find answers to your questions?

Contact our team via 24/5 live chat or send us an email here

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